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I'm Watching Alex Cross Tonight

Not really in the mood to see another novel adaptation but it looks like this one is interesting enough to watch.  Probably it will be like Argo that really surprised me last night (the film is frickin brilliant).  So I'm giving Alex Cross a chance.

Based on James Patterson’s best-selling novels (with over $3 billion in worldwide sales), “I, Alex Cross” will reboot the global franchise originated by the films “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider”.

Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is a decorated detective, forensic psychologist and devoted family man. Working with his long-time partner, Tommy Kane (Ed Burns), he catches a complicated quadruple murder case and begins to profile a killer whom he labels Picasso for the drawings he leaves at the scene. Picasso (Matthew Fox) is a suave, highly skilled assassin who is targeting an elite list of executives all part of the corporate empire of Leon Jospin (Jean Reno).

After Cross successfully thwarts one of Picasso’s murder attempts, Picasso retaliates by targeting Cross’ family. Now it’s personal as Cross blurs the lines of justice to pursue a killer no one can stop. The film leads to a thrilling climax where Cross and Picasso face off in an intimate battle only one can win. And in the end, a final twist reveals all was not as perceived to be and Cross is changed forever.

“I, Alex Cross” will be a taught, psychological thriller and powerful family drama. The film will re-imagine the thriller genre with a polished, high gloss stylization. In success, the film will launch multiple sequels.

I'm a sucker for thriller so it is really not a big problem for me. The big problem is when the movie suck. I hope not. It looks like those CSI episodes when they encounter those annoying villains that taunts the protagonists. Except this looks cooler.  Can't wait to see it tonight.

Finally coming in public on Philippine cinemas on October 17, from Summit Entertainment to be distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment.


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