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A Very Underwhelming 4 Minute Preview of The Amazing Spider-man

Columbia Pictures releases a 4 minute preview of The Amazing Spider-man.  Personally I'm kinda disappointed with the preview but maybe that is just me.  Watch the trailer, after the jump.

I'm so disappointed of this preview because it doesn't really show new footage.  If you are the one who follows the film's regular marketing materials, you will notice that most of the sequence on this preview are already included on the past trailers.  The only new thing that this preview have is that scene with the kid which is for me is not really a big deal.  I'm expecting more Lizard footage and all we got is Spider-man saving a kid in distress.  Well at least now it is not Mary Jane.

But either way, I'm still excited to see the movie when it finally hits the local cinemas on June 29. The Amazing Spider-man is from Marvel Studios to be distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International..

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David Pascht said...

wow! spiderman..

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