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Thundercats Movie Test Render

Last time I shared to you that Warner Bros. is making a new Thundercats animated series. Now we just got a heads up on a test CGI footage that suppose to be for the defunct Thundercats Movie canceled two years ago.

I still can remember the concept art of Lion-O which gave him a more humanoid form compared to the original 80's version. Now, that same concept art is featured on this video that is supposed to be a test render for the film. Though there are still no confirmation if this is a legitimate render from Warner Bros. or just a fan made based on the concept art, I still think this test footage rocks. This movie could have been a great movie if it came out last 2 years ago.

Maybe it is possible that Warner Bros. decides to revive the series first before doing a feature film to build the momentum which is a good reason for the cancellation. I really hope the new animation will turn out good so that we can finally see Thundercats in the big screen. I'm now Crossing my fingers.

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