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RED Mobile Crazy Low Rates Nokia C3 Promo Winners

Here are the lucky winners of RED Mobile Crazy Low Rates promo.

  1. Jonaliane Meach S.A. Flores
  2. Michael Tutor
  3. Anthony Aguilar
  4. Kristina Amanda Cruz
  5. Ryan Apuan
  6. Kimberly E. Sabas
  7. Jerome Ng
  8. Jesusa Onato
  9. Glory Ann Ocay
  10. Imo Garcia
Each winner will be receiving 1 unit of Nokia C3 cellphone.  RED Mobile will contact you directly for the details on how to claim them.


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Anonymous said...

bakit po hanggang ngayon wala parin kami natatanggap na details kung pano kukunin yung prize galing red mobile?

JORI said...


Hello I'm not directly connected to RED Mobile so I don't really know when will they contact you. But don't worry I'll coordinate with them about your concern.

Anonymous said...

thank you po.

Anonymous said...

wala padin po ng cocontact samin kung paano kukunin yung prize

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