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When Paloma Esmeria Becomes Chun-li

Its midnight, I'm watching some softcore horror flicks on cable and munching on some stuff I got after a joyride to the nearby town.  Yep, I'm so bored.  But not until a friend online shared some photos of a rising sexy celeb here in the Philippines named Paloma Esmeria.  To those who didn't know Paloma.  Paloma debuted as a print ad model years ago.  But what rocketed her career is her stint as an FHM model.

What is so special wit her pics?  Well she is just wearing a very sexy Chun-li outfit while camwhoring in front of her camera.

 I'm not really sure why Paloma wears this costume.  She could be attending some Halloween party but she didn't mentioned it on her twitter page.  This photos are hot.

If this is a photo shoot, I will die just to get those official shots.

Special thanks to Larry :P

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Mike Abundo said...

Cosplay is now officially mainstream in the Philippines.

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