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Silent Romance: "Paano ko Sasabihin" Movie Review

It was just a normal day on a train ride in Manila.  Mike (Enchong) met a girl named Erhyl (Erich).  The two are so speechless that they both mistaken each other as deaf mutes.  Too scared for how both will react to each others deception, both hearts decides to play along.  But how long will these two souls endure?  The more they get close together, the more they are hurt by the baggage of guilt and lies. 

"Paano ko Sasabihin" is heart warming Romance digital film Directed by Richard Legaspi that tells a story of two person who accidentally mistaken each other as deaf mutes.  I like the movie a lot.  Yes, I like watching romance flick and this film is indeed another addition to one of my favorites.  Among the film entries on Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival this year, "Paano ko Sasabihin" is the most commercial.  The story is light.  No puzzles.  What you see is what you get.  No wonder among the film entries "Paano ko Sasabihin" is the most well received movie by public.  But despite the simplicity, the film still has its artistic value because it still tackles a story with social relevance and importance regarding people with physical deformities, abnormalities and disabilities.

I'm so happy with Enchong and Erich's performances.  I really want to congratulate them for the success of their TV series "Katorse" and this film just brought both actors up to another level.  I remember when I interviewed Enchong last time, the Enchong in the movie is different from the the Enchong that I interviewed.  Enchong is so mature in the movie.  He plays a teacher and you will really think that he is a teacher on his mid-20's.  Erich on the other hand also shows some improvement on her performance and again you will never think her age is 19.  This 2 actors, had gone a long way and I can see a bright future for both of them not only just as a Love team but as individual actors and performers.

"Paano ko Sasabihin" is a silent, bitter-sweet tale of two lovers tangled on a cycle of lies.  I recommend this movie to all love struck fanatics and hopelessly romantics.  Starring Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales and Directed by Richard Legaspi.  This film is an official Cinema One Originals Entry.  Please grab the chance to watch this film when it hits the cinemas near you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the review. I am praying talaga na they would releave a DVD movie on Paano Ko Sasabihin para naman mapanood namin dito sa abroad. I've grown to love Enchong and Erich for their awesome portrayal as JOJO and NENE in Katorse!

chloesacasa said...

i love jojo-nene too.. sana more projects pa and permnnt na lovetim nla..kiligness...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

- PKS : )

Anonymous said...

thanx for the film review... just one question.. will this movie really be shown on theatres this coming february 2010??
i really love seeing both enchong and erich together.. i also hope they could make more projects in the near future..

JORI said...

Too bad the movie is released in cinemas last November on a very limited time but please expect for a DVD release soon.

Anonymous said...

sana po nationwide mapalabas itong movie na toh kasi po gusto po naming lahat mapanuod eto kaso po naubusan po kami ng ticket

Anonymous said...

Jori,nasa naman magkaroon na ng DVD at isisingit ko na rin katorse DVD,kailan kaya ito mailabas...we're still waiting .pls!pls!pls. thank you and God Bless..

karr said...

Hello po... Magkakaroon po ng screening sa SM Cinemas ang Paano ko sasabihin?... Watch Cinemaone po for more info. Thanks

JORI said...

Guys good news. April 16 SM Cinemas, showing na "Paano Kos Sasabihin" :)

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