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DiscOVIries Week 7 - Christmas is in the Air Winner

Before I announce last week's winner, here are the entries for the last week of DiscOVIries promo.


And the winner and last entry for the DiscOVIries Grand prize promo is:

Lots of balls! by Richard Mamuyac

"My 8-month old son Charles was so excited to see a lot of Christmas balls on our tree that he can't help but grab one. He loves playing with balls and was amazed to see a lot of them hanging in a bright tree"
All the photos submitted are all good and indeed exhibits the Christmas spirit of the season but i find this shot very touching because of the simple representation of a mother and a child.  And I love how candid is this photo.

Congratulations to Richard for winning the last week EGC promo.  Wait for our email for the instruction on how to claim your Ayala EGC worth P2000.  Now that the 8th finalists for my grand price is complete I will be announcing the winner of the Nokia cellphone this coming weekend.  So watch out for it.

Thanks for joining.

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astig316 said...

Thanks, Jori!

My wife and son will be delighted to hear about this. Thanks and God bless!

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