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Khai Lim as March 2009 FHM Online Babe

FHM had chosen again a very fine woman to grace its Online Babe Lineup. Khai Lim a model a part time singer (I think... she sings well hahaha) had returned to FHM's online haven after posing in FHM last July 2008 as a part of the Girls of FHM.

After I saw her photos in FHM, I immediately texted her and praises her sexy and classy photoshoot. As much as I know when I met this girl last November, she is a bubbly and playfull fella. She even sings well which really turns me on.

So to all the boys out there. If you want to check out Khai Lim's Photo sets, Log in to FHM.com.ph for the exclusive photos of this Month's FHM Online Babe.

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Azrael Coladilla said...

ohhhh axe girl sya

JORI said...


yep you got it :P

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